Montana DOR loses tax returns

Montana DOR loses tax returns


The State of Montana has "misplaced" (their words, not mine... my word would have been "lost!") my corporate tax return and had sent a letter stating that I was in danger of having to pay up to $1,000 because I was a delinquent taxpayer.

I called my accountant who filed my return electronically and was told that I was one of many clients that received that letter because the state had lost the returns in question.

Then I call the state. After a few attempts to speak to a live person, I finally got someone to assist me. They wanted my tax ID, my name, copies of tax returns, etc. I tried to calmly explain that I had knowledge that there were many people who received the same letter that I had, and I just wanted an email or some way to send them the electronic receipt of my filing. The person acquiesced, and acknowledged that the state had lost some electronic files.

That begs the questions:

1. Why were they lost?

2. Was there a hack that caused the loss?

3. Just how many returns were lost?

4. Is there anyone or any agency that will accept responsibility for mishandling (my word, not theirs), our returns? The answer was clear as mud... probably. not.

Mark Qualman



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