I moved to Billings in April 2018. I am 72 years old and have been driving since the age of 16. My quest to get a driver's license in Montana has been an extremely frustrating experience.

My Illinois license expired September 2018. So, in August, I went to the MVD to renew. I could not be helped as I did not have an appointment and I was to go online to make one. The first available was eight weeks out.

Eight weeks later I went back to the MVD and was told, "Oh, your license is expired. As you are out of state, a written and road test are required." Yeah, it is expired because it takes eight weeks to get an appointment! That puts me into December 2018.

So I go in December 18 and pass the written test. Then the road test. I failed. The reason, I touched the curb while parallel parking. Are you kidding me? And I did not stop behind a barely visible line outside the MVD building. Is that what is required to acknowledge a safe driver? I have spent most of my days driving in metropolitan areas without a blemish on my record. Now I have a learner's license and I am required to have a licensed driver with me at all times.

I would like to know how many appointments are granted a day and why in this size town and state, eight weeks is the waiting time, in every city.

Judy Farb


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