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There was a time when Montana was known for its rugged individualism, a place where character and honesty were the true measure of the person. But that seems to be changed as more Montana voters have joined the “cult of Trump.”

It wasn’t all that long ago that John Walsh was the Democratic candidate for one of Montana’s U.S. Senate seats. The “opposition research” discovered that he may have plagiarized part of his master’s thesis and they went on the attack. So what did this person of character do? He manned up and withdrew from the race.

Last year Greg Gianforte was a candidate to replace Ryan Zinke, another Montanan of great character, when he decided to assault a reporter. When asked about his conduct by the Gallatin County Sheriff he flat-out lied and blamed the reporter. Fortunately, FOX News was there to report the truth. We are still waiting for Rep. Gianforte to man up and admit he lied to law enforcement and the people of Montana.

But apparently character and honesty aren’t that important anymore. Donald Trump made four trips to Montana and voters flocked to hear him. He told them what a bad guy Sen. Jon Tester is and what a good guy Rep. Greg Gianforte is. In fact, Trump claimed being a liar and a thug makes Greg his kind of guy. Montana voters had a choice between a well-qualified candidate and a thug. Their choice makes me believe Montana has a new band of sheep.

Art Foeste


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