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At numerous leadership trainings over the years, the main leadership lesson was “doing the right thing, at the right time, the right way, and for the right reason.” We as voters should do the right thing by voting for candidates that support Social Security, Medicare, public land in public hands, public access, reasonable and well thought out immigration policies, the military and veterans.

Kathleen Williams supports and does the right things. The right time is Nov 6. The right way is to cast your vote for candidates who are reasonable, thoughtful, able to control their emotions and able to work with all sides. The right reason is our current dysfunctional, partisan, hateful system needs leaders who have the skills and desire to work with others to fix problems. Our country has not seen this great of a threat to our democracy and our country since the Civil War. We need leaders like Kathleen Williams. We need the type of thoughtful, intelligent leadership that Kathleen brings. Please join us in voting to send Kathleen Williams to Congress.

Jim and Diane Cashell


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