I am writing to encourage the state of Montana to stick to its guns and protect Montana’s lands and waters. The Navajo Transitional Energy Company or NTEC is trying to get tribal immunity to ignore Montana’s environmental laws. They do not want to bond to protect the land and give assurance that the land will be reclaimed. They may also try to claim immunity for polluting the Tongue River.

NTEC is a coal company and it appears that the coal company is a separate entity from the Navajo Nation and it is not being controlled by the Navajo and it doesn’t want to be controlled by the State of Montana either. NTEC is a rogue coal company and expects to do whatever it wants under the cloak of sovereign immunity.

Montana needs to stick up for protecting the land and water and make sure that NTEC dissolves their sovereign immunity to operate in Montana so the state can enforce reclamation, labor and tax laws.

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Mark Fix

Miles City

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