Billings is Montana’s Trailhead. Our city sits proudly under a big, beautiful sky with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. 

It’s a wonderful place to grow up, live and raise a family.

I am a candidate for Ward 5 of Billings City Council. My goal will be to help our economy foster more career-quality jobs so more people can live good lives and raise families right here, while maintaining and improving our quality of life.

I am a member of the Laborers Union. In addition, I am small business owner who does messaging, promoting and public  relations for local events.  I have a degree in accounting and have a firm foundation in finance. I see vast potential for investment into our community that with the right messaging could bring in great rewards.

No one single idea defines my vision, and no orthodoxy dictates my approach. For instance, I believe taxes should be fair and low; I also understand that our future demands we adequately invest in our public works, infrastructure, and public safety. 

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I believe in confronting the issues the city faces, developing a plan, and creating a message that residents will understand and support.

My great-grandfather, the honorable Rev. Robert Freeman, and my aunt, Mrs. Eunice Terry selflessly served our town. They lived by a simple yet effective rule: Leave it better than you found it.  If elected with your help, I will leave Billings better than I found it.

Frederick J. Wilburn


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Opinion Editor

Opinion editor for The Billings Gazette.