I am not a NorthWestern Energy customer, however, my son and his young family are, in Missoula. I am concerned that NorthWestern Energy’s proposed Resource Procurement Plan is off mark.

NorthWestern Energy's vice president of transmission, Mike Cashell, stated that Colstrip’s contribution to energy transmission for Montanans “will not change.” Cashell’s confidence in retaining Colstrip 4 for the next 20 years is dangerous. We know well the impacts associated with coal generated electricity. Your 20-year plan to rely on gas turbines by ignoring new wind and solar opportunities is myopic, not to mention no plans for future Colstrip clean-up costs.

How NorthWestern Energy can ignore this shows negligence.

As a concerned parent, please consider new wind and solar, energy conservation and energy storage in your plan. Use your existing transmission lines to service wind and solar operations along the transmission line route to carry renewable energy to the Northwest. They demand clean energy, provide it. The other four regulated owners of Colstrip 4 are planning to divest within the next seven to 11 years because renewables will be more cost effective. If you care about your future electricity rates contact your PSC representative.

Craig McClure


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