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It seems that our current government appears to have it out for the young adults of our county. Two very separate issues have the same results of wrecking their futures.

First, we have the “dreamers,” those young people who as children were brought to this country illegally. They have been raised in our communities, attend our school, been in our churches and youth programs. Now as they reach maturity and are starting to give back to our communities, the government is ready to send them back to a country that has never been their home. Beyond the fact that this is a heartless act, it is a wasteful act. As a community we have invested much time and money into creating a contributing community member, and now we are going to send all this time and talent away to the benefit of another county? Doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, one of the new tax laws is generating money to help pay for a tax cut for corporations by taxing the tuition waiver given to graduate students at our nation’s universities. Depending on the university, this waiver can be well in excess of their actual income. So instead of paying taxes on the money they make as wages, they will also be taxed on the cost of their education. This will in some cases double and triple their taxes owed. Many will no longer be able to afford their graduate degree. Now why would our government want to reduce the number of American scholars, researchers, and entrepreneurs as they create our new jobs, new drugs and new ideas that keep America great? Doesn’t make sense.

Susan Bailey


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