With respect to the opinion of the letter writer in Sunday’s Gazette questioning the “fine print” of SD2’s mill levy — the language is not deceptive. Textbooks and counselors are legally defined under the required ballot language “general maintenance and operation of the high school district.”

With understanding that this levy is ongoing — of course! The children attending school is ongoing. With each graduating class comes the never-ending hopes and needs of entering kindergartners. Educating kids is not one-and-done.

With concern for our high schools that have waited for 12 years, it’s time! Your patience while we tackled the overcrowding challenges of our elementary schools has not gone unnoticed.

With gratitude to our community, taxpayers, staff and local laborers — thank you! Your hard work with pride built trust and renewed our elementary district on time and under budget. Help us now find pride for our high schools.

With hope that our voters recognize the need and value that their mill levy support brings to 17,000 students each and every year, we respectfully ask for your vote. Please stamp and mail your ballot by this weekend or get to the courthouse on Tuesday, May 7. It’s time!

Karen Lazetich Moses


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