What do we do if we have no more pollinators? Pollinating our fruits and veggies with a Q-tip might be a bit above our farmer’s pay-grade. It’s pollinators like bees that do the heavy lifting for us, and the least we could do is to not kill them off for their efforts.

It’s neonicotinoid pesticides that do most of the bee killing in the United States. These are some of the most powerful pesticides on the market, closely related to nicotine. Think of it this way: coating our crops in neonic’s is a lot like smoking—something we do for immediate gratification, but it might be the end of us in the long run.

We have roughly 200,000 beehives here in Montana. That’s an annual 15 million pounds of honey and $31 million to the state economy. We are ranked second in the country for our honey and pollination industry. As Montanans, we often feel that we don’t have a real impact on national issues. This time, we do.

Dear governor, don’t you think we should stop smoking those neonicotinoids? It’s time to give it a formal ban.

Kate Goodwin


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