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I am writing a letter in support of Doug Kary and his effort to be re-elected to the state Senate. When I first served with Kary, I was 25 and a very new face in Montana politics. Kary had just won his bid to be re-elected into the House and had a firm grasp of how the Legislature worked. As a younger member, some people questioned the value I would offer to the elected body. Kary was one of the members who treated my views with respect, even when we disagreed. Throughout the years, Kary has maintained this positive attitude and has always made the time to discuss issues important to me and other legislators, even if we disagreed.

Kary has put forth the effort to continuously reach out to voters and make himself accessible. His positive style in campaigning has positively transitioned into the Montana Legislature. In a time of civil unrest in politics, Kary has mastered the knack to maintain a constructive presence in the Legislature. He has served Billings well in the Senate, and with his experience and insight, will continue to do so. Please support Doug Kary so he can serve on more term in the Montana Senate.

Rep. Daniel Zolnikov



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