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You who support the Trump administration, yet call yourselves Christian: How do you justify saying you have faith in Christ, who befriended and cared for the poor, the outcast and the immigrant, healed the sick, gave new life to the dead and dying, warned the rich to give up their wealth in order to participate in God’s ways, God’s kingdom, and who called his followers to do likewise, and yet support a president who, by his policies and his rhetoric, expresses hate towards immigrants and refugees and disdain and disgust for the basic needs of most of the American people, especially those who are poor, elderly, mentally ill, disabled and children?

How can you spout faith in Christ who called himself “the way, the truth and the life,” and yet support, in word and deed, Donald Trump whose way of life, actions and speech consistently reflect greed, the abuse of others, and the love of lying?

How has he succeeded in gathering you folks around him, convincing you to forget Christ’s truth and Christ’s ways and to put aside whatever faith and conscience you had, in order to not only support him, but fawn over him, adulate him and follow his calls for division and even violence? Tell me, enlighten me, how can anyone with faith in Christ follow Donald Trump?

Catherine Card


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