Please support MontanaCan initiative

Please support MontanaCan initiative


Montanans will vote on the age of an adult in 2020. By constitution in Montana, the adult age is 18. Many Montana voters remember legally drinking at 18. Even more recently, legally smoking cigarettes at 18. Now, we're going to vote on legal marijuana. To change the age of legalized adult-use consumption, 55,000-plus Montanans will have to sign a petition to change our constitution at the ballot in November. This is unique. Expect all of the states and Canada to be watching this.

The competing statutory initiatives need 25,000-plus signatures each approved by June 19, one of the latest signature deadlines in the country. MontanaCan's draft sets the age at 18, making cannabis legal even without the constitutional change. If the constitutional amendment changes the adult consumption age to 21, the MontanaCan law will be adjusted to 21. The people decide both the law and the age this year.

There are real differences between homegrown MontanaCan's policy and the other policy. Lower tax, 5% versus 20%. In MontanaCan's draft the revenue goes back to people and communities including: 15% to cities and 15% to counties to alleviate some of the property tax burden, 10% to veterans and 10% to Montana Native American tribes, and both K-12 and higher education. MontanaCan's offers protections to people with employment, probation, child custody, and housing. MontanaCan's pardons, dismisses, and expunges non-violent marijuana charges. MontanaCan's allows homegrows. MontanaCan's puts Montana's small businesses first.

Please support MontanaCan and vote how you like on adult age.

Erica Siate



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