Sen. Steve Daines, Rep. Greg Gianforte, and Mike Pence recently toured Billings to learn more about the meth crisis in Montana, promising federal help to solve the problem. It was a photo op and a fundraiser for Daines. The Pences went on to Yellowstone Park.

I’m a recovering alcoholic. Many years ago, I quit getting the psychic relief that alcohol provided, an “ah-ha” moment that led to a 12-step group. So far, with that help and God's grace, I’ve been able to remain sober.

Meth addicts aren’t so fortunate. The craving for meth never totally leaves. And “jonesing,” when trying to quit, involves miserable depression. I’ve seen young, tough male addicts who couldn’t stop crying. Another hit cures the blues instantly.

Also, when meth comes in, heroin and opiates follow. When you haven’t slept for three to four days, you’ll do anything for relief.

Meth is a violent drug. Partying on meth? More like murder and mayhem, with no rhyme or reason. Lock them up? FYI, until recently, it was even possible to score some meth in Montana State Prison.

So thanks for the visit, gentlemen. Give us a plan, not just dollars. The country’s waiting.

Sharie Pyke


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