In the 1930s Democrats set up our modern government. They raised taxes, and increased regulations.

With minimum wage, unemployment, and Social Security matching they said, “Here are higher expenses for you, business. You will obey, or you’ll be fined, jailed, run out of business, or all three.”

Republicans, instead of exposing Democrats for dictating to law-abiding people in a free country, essentially went along.

They pitted government and employees against employers and employers against government and employees through the progressive tax, which has become a manipulative corruption.

So, politicians pit people against each other, and wonder why we can’t come together. They add cost, and wonder why prices are so high.

Are politicians stupid, or are they pretending to be stupid? If they’re pretending, then they’re lying to us about their intent.

Politicians from both parties promise to stick it to certain groups, and yet, somehow, bring the whole country together. That’s delusional.

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Politicians who believe in change would throw the progressive tax out.

American voters’ only choice, regardless of political party, has been stupidity or lies, insanity, delusion, and people who talk about change, but refuse to act.

All of the American people need to be on the same team.

The message to politicians should be “Throw out the progressive tax, or we’ll throw you out of office!”

Jack Mackenzie



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