The Crazies deserve respect. I was first introduced to this special place when I was 12 years old. It was a chance encounter as my father, younger brother, and myself decided to go explore those "mountains" to the west of where we lived. We ended up at Halfmoon Campground that is at the end of the road up Big Timber Canyon. That fateful day trip ignited a love affair for the Crazies that now goes way beyond a recreational opportunity. The Crazies have touched my heart and soul over the last twenty years in such a way that is indescribable with the use of the English language. It's no wonder that so many Native Americans took the effort to seek this place out for spiritual guidance and to find purpose. If we the people don't do our due diligence to protect the common man's claim to this amazing place, I fear we will lose it forever. This is an issue that should transcends race, politics, social status, etc. These mountains are our mountains and they have helped us in such a way that touches the spirit. Please do your best to reach out to our elected decision makers, and let them know important this piece of ground is to the common man.

Collin Radakovich


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