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Aaron Flint, the host of “Montana Talks” radio show, is an arrogant far-right conservative radical and Rush Limbaugh wannabe. He railed on the sheriff in Parkland, Florida, for patting himself on the back about the handling of the school shooting there. Yet he says nothing about Trump who almost daily boasts about how great he is doing. He rails on “Moms Against Guns” for encouraging students to stand together and saying enough is enough. Yet he says nothing about the NRA’s radical position on the Second Amendment and their overpowering influence on our lawmakers.

On a daily basis he expresses his views on numerous other far-right radical opinions and puts down liberals and their opinions. Mr. Flint you, Trump and Limbaugh are bullies. The last time I checked, this was America and as such, liberals have every much a right to their opinions as you have to yours. You are as divisive to our nation as Trump and Limbaugh. Radicalism is dangerous, whichever side one is on.

As to the Second Amendment, the authors of it would turn over in their graves if they could see what people and organizations are defending with the amendment. Our lawmakers need to grow spines and designate semi-automatic and fully automatic assault weapons for what they are, weapons of mass destruction, they are not guns any more than hand grenades are and they do not belong in the hands of the general public or so-called sportsmen, period.

Russell Pederson