I no longer claim fidelity to the Republican Party and am ashamed of the blind eye turned by my friends, relatives and congressional delegates to the turn the party has taken since aligning itself with the racist, President Donald Trump. The late Toni Morrison, poet laureate and Medal of Freedom awardee, stated, "Racist (and white supremacist) speech does not only cause violence, it is violence!"

The past three years of our president's attacks on women, brown-skinned people, Muslims and whomever suits him at any particular time is not only disgusting: it caused the El Paso massacre.

His attack on the environment is an affront to Montanans who care about our natural habitat and wildlife, and to a state which values the preservation of our natural assets above the lining of our pockets with money from mining and gas interests.

His irresponsible tariffs have caused grief along with a tremendous loss of income to our nation's farmers, increased prices to the rest of us, and the tanking of the stock market with the daily uncertainty his rants are causing. He is bankrupting America as he has everything else he has touched.

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His lack of decency has caused other nations who look at the idiocy in the White House to lose respect for us as a nation.

It is past time for every Republican in Montana to grow a set of cojones and call for the implementation of strict gun control measures and prohibition of assault rifles in this era of presidential irresponsibility and stimulus toward separating us from one another and violence. It is time to call for the impeachment of this cancerous growth in the Republican Party!

Virginia R. Shane


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