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This letter is written in support of Rex Renk who is a candidate to be Clerk of the Supreme Court of Montana. I have known Rex on a personal and professional basis for 25 years and feel uniquely qualified to comment on his abilities and potential.

From 1991-2013 I was clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States and was a member of the National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks. Members of the conference are clerks of state and federal appellate courts throughout the country. It was through that organization that I knew and worked with Rex. He was very active and successful as a leader in the conference and was greatly respected for his professionalism and leadership abilities.

Rex is a consummate court administrator who was widely known for his expertise and excellence. He spearheaded many efforts to assist other clerks to improve office management and case processing. He sets and maintains high standards and has an unimpeachable character.

Montanans will be fortunate to have Rex Renk as Clerk of their Supreme Court.

William K. Suter

Major General, JAGC, USA (Ret.)

                                                                                                                                                            Potomac Falls, Virgina

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