During this time of political rivalry and the ramping up of the 2020 general election I am impressed at how little influence the common people, i.e., those with low to medium incomes, have on the outcomes of the elections. They are also underrepresented in the ranks of candidates for offices.

Our country seems to have reached a stage of "government of the people, by the rich, for the rich." There seems to be much apathy, or perhaps hopelessness about changing this state of affairs. Have we decided that since the rich have been clever enough to amass so much wealth that they must be really smart and smart enough to run the country and our legislatures?

President Donald Trump does not hesitate to refer to himself as "a genius" on more than one occasion. However he is without question delusional, arrogant and grandiose and therefore, rather dangerous. So if we want a rich person to lead our country, he definitely is a poor pick.

Those of us who are definitely not rich must snap out of our lethargy and apathy and study the issues thoroughly, debate them and perhaps even run for office without giving in to the hopelessness which seems all too prevalent. We need first of all to speak out to assure that all candidates are on a level footing during their campaign. Low- and medium-income candidates have scant hope of raising the piles of cash that rich candidates do. The rich buy their way into office.

George Sorensen


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