Thank you, Rocky Mountain College, for allowing me to learn and grow in a safe environment. The staff at RMC have fulfilled their promise to promote healthy discussion, freedom of expression, growth, and individual thinking.

I was fortunate to work alongside some of the individuals who have been slandered recently following an incident with a disgruntled on-campus club. These staff always welcomed myself and my peers with open arms regardless of race, gender, political beliefs, or any adversity we had faced. I have attended college sponsored events that challenged my political beliefs, and events that reaffirmed them. I have seen students from all backgrounds thrive at RMC with the support of the amazing staff.

RMC walks a fine line as an institution; giving all students the right to be heard while making sure they feel safe in their place of learning and residence is a difficult task. I can attest firsthand, that myself and peers were given the right to express our opinions and beliefs, that our thinking was challenged, and that the college never allowed any programs that would make students feel unsafe. In saying that, I believe that the college has continued to value the safety of others, and a quality education over all else. In that, I cannot stand idly by, while some of the staff at RMC who valued my voice, encouraged me to grow, and helped me thrive as a student, are slandered when there are better solutions to recent scrutiny.

Katie Browning


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