In the winter of 2017, I remember my father and I visiting my brother in the freshman dorms at Rocky Mountain College. I remember seeing a political display on campus. As a future student I thought “I can’t wait to get involved in the political discussions on campus.” Well, now I am a junior at RMC and chairman of a college chapter called Young Americans for Freedom, and our efforts to initiate dialogue with displays on campus regarding various political topics have been rejected by the dean of students.

RMC’s dean of students, Brad Nason, has restricted student groups, Young Americans for Freedom, and an unnamed “Liberal Group”, from putting up physical displays and posters. The “Liberal Group” was denied the opportunity to fully engage students on issues like climate change, immigration, and racism because it was deemed “unnecessarily confrontational.” Young Americans for Freedom was likewise restricted from putting up a pro-life display and flyers, which included the club name and meeting time to initiate positive dialog on the topic.

During the week of Nov. 4, the RMC president will receive a letter from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). This letter explains their concern for RMC and how Nason’s decisions do not fulfill the promises RMC gives in its mission statement and student code of conduct. This will hopefully inspire the administration to better facilitate an environment that allows the students to fully live up to the expectations set for them in the student code of conduct.

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Rayna Laakso


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