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Trump’s coming to Billings for Matt Rosendale. The man who chose Paul Manafort — convicted of eight fraud counts — to run his campaign. He selected Michael Cohen — guilty of multiple fraud charges that implicated Trump directly — as his legal counsel for 10 years. He hired the under-qualified Omarosa Newman and gave her top security clearance for three years. His current legal counsel: “Truth Isn’t Truth” Guiliani. The list goes on.

All his cabinet positions are beyond questionable, they’re laughable — their incompetence underscores his incompetence. He himself is under scrutiny for ties with foreign adversaries, prostitutes, money launderers — a long list of shady characters. He especially admires dictators.

He pardoned convicted felon and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then endorsed him for senator. Fortunately Republicans there rejected Trump’s choice.

As a Vietnam combat veteran I’m especially appalled at Trump’s actions regarding uber-patriot John McCain — both before and after his passing. It’s shameful.

So this is the guy Rosendale wants an endorsement from. What’s worse: Trump endorsing Rosendale or Rosendale courting Trump’s support? Which one is the poorer judge of character? Either way, Trump’s visit should be viewed as a warning to all Montanans. If you plan to attend this rally, I suggest you wear muckers.

Plenty of Republicans here share my caution of Rosendale — a questionable Montanan, let alone rancher.

John Johanek


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