Everybody decries the cost of prescription drugs these days. One reason for the high cost is the huge amount of money the major pharmaceutical companies are spending on the national TV networks. Every night consumers are bombarded with prescription drug ads during prime time. Why?

They are prescribed by doctors for their patients if they deem that is what medication their patient requires. The general public has no need to or cares to know (if they are like me) what all these prescription drugs are for.

Advertising prescription drugs on TV night after night is an outrageous waste of money. Guess who is burdened with these costs?

Of course, it is the patients who require the medications because the drug companies merely tack all these wasted advertising dollars onto the price of the drugs.

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What can be done about this?

Call, write or email your senators and representatives and tell them you want a law that bans pharmaceutical companies advertising prescription drugs on TV or radio, in magazines or newspapers or any other media except possibly medical journals. Knowledge about prescription drugs is efficiently disseminated through big pharma drug representatives whose job it is to inform doctors about any and all prescription drugs.

Russ Pederson


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