I am an avid outdoorsman who spends much of my time hunting, hiking, and fishing on public lands and waterways. I raised my children with the same values and my voting record in the Montana Legislature demonstrates as much. And I can tell when a politician is only claiming to support public lands because their D.C. consultants told them they should.

One of those politicians is Rep. Greg Gianforte.

Gianforte can’t be trusted to proactively defend and protect our public lands. Luckily, we’ll have a public lands champion on the ballot in Casey Schreiner. He’s earned my vote, and if you’re a sportsman, hunter, angler, hiker, farmer or anyone in between; he’ll earn yours too.

Casey’s from Great Falls and has served in the legislature for four terms. We’ve served together for years, and this year, he led as the top-ranking Democrat in the Montana House.

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We have Casey to thank for protecting affordable health care for one in 10 Montanans and keeping our rural hospitals open with the reauthorization of Medicaid expansion, the first major infrastructure package this state has seen in over a decade, health and safety for our brave firefighters, and so much more.

But more than that, we have Casey to thank for never once backing down in the face of threats to our public lands. He grew up in a hunting family and is a fearless advocate for our state’s outdoor heritage. I’m proud to support Casey, because that’s the kind of governor we need.

Sen. Tom Jacobson

Great Falls

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