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David Klein, MD, hands kudos to the Rosebud County Commissioners for denying the effect of coal burning on climate warming has no factual basis (The Billings Gazette, Oct. 8). His praise for their "well-reasoned and logical letter" has me wondering about his understanding of any science. The commissioners' letter is "truly a voice crying in the wilderness of current climate debate." A pity Dr. Klein mistakes the voice of self-interest for any voice of science.

The voice of climatology, even counting those "scientists" in the employ of the fossil-fuel industry, is 97 percent to 98 percent united in concluding that the atmospheric carbon dioxide loosed by fossil fuel burning accounts for almost all of global warming. Even ExxonMobil, which spent millions deriding man-caused global warming and its advocates, now admits that during all their denigrating and dismissing, their own internal, non-published studies showed climate change caused by fossil fuel burning. 

Charlie Donnes