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A friend emailed me the heartening letter to the editor "Scottish Rite supports speech therapy for kids" (The Billings Gazette, Dec. 25, 2018), about the great philanthropic work done by the Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinic.

There needs to be more attention giving to the speech problems faced by children in terms of media coverage and funding for research. Kudos to the Scottish Rite Masons for their philanthropic work in this area.

I also would like to mention to readers of The Gazette that although this is not well-known by the public, every child has the right to free speech therapy in the U.S. Free therapy can begin as early as age three and run through senior year in high school. It covers all speech problems. A worthwhile source that explains to parents this benefit of free speech therapy is the brochure "Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter" on the website of the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation (, which also offers free resources for children who stutter.

I commend the Scottish Rite Masons for making such a great effort to help children with speech disorders.

Edward Herrington

Naples, Fla.

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