My eight years on City Council have given me a great education and created in me a profound respect for those dedicated individuals charged with making sure Billings remains a great place to live and raise a family. As Billings grows toward the future, it is essential that we elect a City Council that will make sure the city we love continues to thrive.

It is for this reason, I was thrilled to hear that Kendra Shaw had decided to run for city council in Ward 1. Kendra is exactly the type of person who is needed on the council at this time in the city’s history. She is a young professional who very successfully manages her occupation and her young family. She brings the kind of fresh approach that can only be presented by someone from her generation, a generation that Billings needs to attract, to retain, and to nourish. I have followed Kendra’s growth during the past year as she has attended numerous meetings and met with city staff at all levels. She has educated herself on the strengths, as well as the weaknesses, of Billings. And she has a strong vision of where we need to go. I am confident that Kendra is ready to serve.

If I could pick one person in Billings to replace me on the council, it would be Kendra Shaw.

Brent Cromley

Ward 1 Councilman


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