As a lifetime resident of Billings, I'm shocked at the lack of consideration for others, lack of morale and downright disrespect for everything and everyone here.

Snow will soon be present for months, yet even in dry conditions, drivers are risking everyone's safety, not just their own. Yes, the police have a lot of work to do, but that doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't have to follow the laws, they're in place for a reason. Be responsible — put your make up on before you leave your house, pull over if you have to use your phone, set your alarm earlier so you don't have to race to get to work.

Read a history book, learn from the past so we as humans can enjoy the life we have. Read the driver's manual. Get your eyes checked regularly.

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If you don't like the idea of communism or socialism, maybe you should consider yourself fortunate to live in the United States. Drastic times come for drastic measures, we are the one's setting ourselves up for failure. Be an advocate for yourself and others, have humility, respect and compassion — be the better person. There is more than just one person in this town, state, country and world. It's OK to agree to disagree, but you don't have to jeopardize everyone else's safety because of your poor decision making.

Angela Corkill


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