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I’ve been in a university setting for the last eight years. Each year, I see more and more students struggling to complete their education due to cost. I’ve seen students live out of vehicles or skip meals because they understand education is what’s needed to be successful. Furthermore, Montana currently provides need-based grant aid averaging about $47 per student, $492 less than the national average. Montana’s aid for students has gone down by more than $20 million in the last eight years. This is why we need to support the six-mill levy.

Without it, students may have to fork over 18 percent more in tuition, which would likely add up to an additional $1,000 per year at even the most affordable institution. Montana tuition increased only about 17 percent over the last decade. With an 18 percent increase in a short time frame, college students are faced with impossible decisions about their futures.

Graduates of our higher education system become valuable members of our community, and they need our support. Vote yes on the six-mill levy this November.

Tyler Bradley


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