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I am very concerned with the way people treat our planet, and I realize that there is litter everywhere I go. Don't people know that littering is illegal?

I would love it if people even paid attention to our planet. It really shows how horribly we treat our planet and hopefully, people would be encouraged to help clean our planet. Are people really too lazy to walk to a trash can and throw something away? Have you ever intentionally thrown away trash that isn't yours? I know it's hard to admit, but I am ashamed to say that I don't even really acknowledge the trash that is on the ground! I would love it if people would start clean-up teams.

I realized in the paper that you show a lot of things about crime, well littering is a crime and people need to take that law more seriously. Have you ever littered without thinking about it? Littering is a serious crime, before throwing trash on the ground, think about it. It would be amazing if you could write an article about how big the ticket is for littering and how serious that crime is.

Elizabeth Smith

sixth-grade student


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