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Since 2005, Montanans have enjoyed breathing clean air at work and in public. It's time to further protect citizens and improve public health by protecting them from e-cigarette aerosol.

On June 21, the city-county board of health will hear public testimony to consider expanding our smoke-free law to forbid e-cigarette use where smoking is prohibited. As an American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteer, please support this public health rule.There are significant concerns regarding the health effects of e-cigarette aerosol. It is not harmless and can contain ingredients including heavy metals and nicotine. E-cigarettes pose a potential risk to non-users through secondhand exposure to toxicants in the aerosol.

E-cigarette use in workplaces, restaurants and all public places can undermine the public health benefits of our smoke-free law and create enforcement confusion. Some e-cigarettes look like cigars and cigarettes which could normalize smoking and lead to new tobacco users.

We have worked too hard to ensure Montana stays smoke-free! We cannot let Big Tobacco reverse this progress with e-cigarettes. Everyone deserves the right to breathe healthy, clean, smoke-free and aerosol free air. As a cancer survivor, I stand with the American Cancer Society's evidence-based research and I support expanding the smoke-free law.

Deborah Mattern


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