Ward 4 has a profound choice in the upcoming city council election. I strongly recommend Carmelita Dominguez as the positive, proactive leader who is committed to move Billings forward. The economy is rapidly restructuring here as well as in other regions of the nation. In Montana, we need not travel far to see the results of successful civic and economic policies that foster prosperity. It is incumbent on voters in this election to understand the importance of choosing a Ward 4 council person who knows how to run a business and embraces a welcoming, inclusive community, a candidate who is ready to face the tough challenges in Billings with common sense and hard work.

Carmelita is grounded in this community, having lived here over 10 years while raising two children. Those of us who are retired need the assurance that our city encourages a new generation of workers who can help bear the burden and carry on the legacies of previous generations. The choice for Ward 4 is clear. Vote for Carmelita!

Bess Lovec


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