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Candidate for District Court Judge, Ashley Harada, is a great choice for Billings. I had the privilege of meeting Harada last week. She demonstrated a complete confidence and understanding of how important being fair and impartial is. Having good judges that uphold the Constitution help our state and country live in prosperity and ensure public trust. When public trust is strong, communities are strong. When our judges are ethical, we find the court a place to go for help, teaching and learning. It should never have become punitive, because government is supposed to serve the people, not railroad them. If crime is committed, safety and teaching are critical to produce long-term outcomes that make communities feel safe and proud.

For a judge that will honor the sworn oath to uphold the law, and give fair proceedings and due process, I highly recommend considering the sworn commitment of candidate Harada to be ethical, impartial and uphold the law of our land with balance and integrity. Harada is the kind of person that understands the value of humanity and knows that with every decision comes a ripple effect of good or bad, depending on the measure of grace and truth in balance. Harada has a family that loves and supports her, she demonstrates a life of integrity and is willing to embrace the call to the courtroom with love for her community.

As you consider who to vote for this November, I hope Ashley Harada will earn your vote.

Matt Furlong


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