Impact of Mueller report

When I read this morning, Aug. 9, about several banks turning over new evidence, it made me wonder if Robert Mueller had such information or as some old Montanan's might say, "Just kicked the can down the road " and went home.

Perhaps we may never know more than cooperation on the outcome of the election from one or more foreigners was obvious, even though collusion was not.

And on obstruction, at least four issues happened, involving McGahn, Manafort, Sessions and Cohen, along with plenty of different opinions involving legal issues.

Crimes were charged, confessions and convictions against 37 individuals and entities have occurred, including more than two dozen Russian nationals, who will never be extradited to appear.

Since a new movie is taking a new look at old conclusions on alternative energy and a new look at climate change is underway at the United Nations, perhaps another look is needed on Mueller's two years or so of investigations.

David Orser


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