Montanans received 9.4 million robocalls in June 2019. The majority coming from Target, Citibank, Capital One and debt collectors.

A recent bill reining in robocalls (HR 3375) passed U.S. House and now heads to U.S. Senate.

The bill builds on legislation that passed the Senate with our Montana Senators’ support.

The new bill takes additional steps to curb abusive robocalling. It adopts important new consumer protections that requires FCC to close loopholes to ensure that automated calls and texts cannot be made without the consumer’s consent. The bill addresses technologies that enable unwanted calls and allows consumers to stop unwanted calls by withdrawing consent. It requires phone companies to provide effective call authentication capability, at no charge to consumers, to better identify and stop robocalling and texting that use deceptively “spoofed” phone numbers. It strengthens FCC powers to impose forfeiture penalties for intentional violations. It also ensures use of a database that robocallers can check to avoid making robocalls and texts to numbers that have been reassigned to different consumers that have not given consent.

Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines’ support for vital consumer protections found in H.R. 3375 will be essential to stemming the tide of unwanted robocalls.

Katie Sutton


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