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The great Jon Tester comes back to Montana with his political manure spreader in hopes of fooling enough potential uninformed voters, the Democrat Party "Uber Alles" liberal progressives, and the segment of our society that exists only through working the system to receive unearned entitlements. Tester’s performance, or lack of it, representing the majority will of Montana and America is of no importance to these groups.

The absolute corruption of the VA Department during Tester's term as an "overseer" while some of our veterans actually died because of his failure to oversee matters not. Tester's pro-abortion position seems to attract certain feminist groups even though since 1973 (Roe v. Wade) over 60,000,000 (yep, that is millions according to CDC) unborn babies have been terminated. Tester’s position of "being fair" to the illegals coming through our southern border is more important than protecting the sovereignty of America and rights of American citizens.

Tester receives over 80 percent of his funding from special interest groups outside of Montana e.g., George Soros, Alex Soros, indirectly from Soros Fund, Soros Open Society Fund and the hundreds of organizations indirectly funded for political purpose. Tester has been a great asset to the Democrat Party in his attempts to obstruct the present administration and, have no doubt, he will continue if re-elected. Time for Tester to go!

Richard Deines


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