Caution: What you are about to read, although factual, may traumatize some.

Ah yes, the great American farmer Jon Tester on CNN thumping Trump, again, on the Farm Bill Congress passed. Let's look at the Testers as recipients of funds from the same Farm Bill he is condemning Trump for. As of 2017, Sen. Tester had received over $230,000 and Sharla doing business as T-Bone Farms (with Sen. Tester as president) has received over $371,000 at the expense of taxpayers. Chouteau County, Big Sandy, where the Testers originate, is the biggest recipient of farm subsidies in the state ($37.16 million in 2015). The problem with Sen. Tester’s Farm Bill is 10 percent of the largest farms and entities receive 70 percent of the subsidies. Doesn't seem to consider the family farms Sen. Tester says he is so concerned about.

Double-dipping is a term used when a farmer gets a crop insurance payment then receives PLC or ARC payment on the same crop previously claimed, e.g. Sharla dba T-Bone Farms: wheat subsidy $270,452, PLC subsidy $41,656. Sen. Tester did the same thing. What a damn scam, fleecing the American taxpayer. As always with liars like Sen. Tester, the family farmers that could use subsidies the most, will receive the least. Looks like "brother Jon" could stand a little investigating himself. The Farm Bill should address the needs of family farms, not an opportunity for the wealthy nor a social entitlement program. (sources: EWG.org and USDA)

Richard Deines


Editor’s note: The Environmental Working Group website data quoted in this letter is the total subsidy received by a farm recipient from 1995 to 2017. Farms in Choteau County, including 575 with addresses of Big Sandy, received $721.6 million over that 23-year period, according to the website.

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