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When I hear complaints about wealthy people using their own money to run for office, I say thank goodness. When they are able to do this they are beholden to no one.

Let's take Sen. Jon Tester as an example. As of November 2017, Tester has a war chest of campaign money that very little was gotten in Montana. The year that Tester is running for office, 81 percent of his millions come from outside Montana. During his election year, this music teacher is known as "the largest recipient of lobbyist money." Here is a list by sector:

Finance, insurance & real estate $2,719,000

Lawyers and Lobbyist $2,037,000

Health $646,000

Labor (unions) $429,000

Energy & Natural Resources $232,000

And the list goes on. When you see this sort of outside Montana influence, it has to give you pause as you ask what in the world is Tester doing for these people and companies outside Montana? This kind of money buys influence and favors. You may not like the Trump "swamp" term, but Tester has learned how to swim in the swamp. Eighty one percent of his campaign money comes from outside the state in the year that he is running.

It's time for Tester to go. He voted against a tax cut for every working Montanan.

He voted for, and still defends, the costly ACA (Obamacare) as prices rise 20 to 60 percent. Remember, he had to vote for it, "before you can find out what's in it" — a quote from another person in the "swamp." Baucus worked on the ACA, but, as he was leaving his Senate seat, he was honest enough to say "it was headed for a train wreck."

So, think again you people who are worried about a person using their own money to run their campaign. Tester is bought and paid for by outsiders. Eighty one percent.

Rich Lloyd