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I am writing in support of Sen. Jon Tester. He has represented Montana with candor and honesty. He has advocated strong and persistently for armed forces personnel and my veteran patients. He has been a strong advocate for agriculture and public lands. It is no sale with Jon. He has been a supporter of health care including the Affordable Care Act. The fundamental question involved in that law is whether everyone gets medical care or not. More people have care now. Those that do not have coverage have poor outcomes and early death. I have seen that many times. One of my patients died needlessly of colon cancer due to this lack of care.

Tester is supportive of Medicare and Social Security. Many people in our community live only on Social Security. Tester has been against destructive short-term financing for the government. He opposed the tax cut because it is theft from our children and grandchildren and favors the people who already have the money.

Tester has protected small business, farmers and rural health care. He has been accountable and present for the people of Montana. Smear and slander are easy. These years of hard work are not. I have been impressed and thrilled by the work he has done for Montana.

Thomas Van Dyk, MD