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In a Feb. 11, 2018 letter to the editor, a writer says Sen. Jon Tester was being "conscientious" and "responsible" by not voting for the tax bill. I totally agree that each piece of legislation should be carefully reviewed. However, it is my understanding these measures are reviewed by individual senators and their staff members. I doubt if Tester has read every word of every bill but instead has relied on his own judgment and help from staff when voting. But, instead of trying to figure out what was written and asking the author, Tester chose to cry on national television and go on a tired tirade (Google "Senator Jon Tester Tax Rant") about how he cannot do his job.

A thoughtful curious public servant would have made a serious inquiry of what was written. I read it and it said, "attribution," which is common vernacular used in tax law legislation. Yes, time was short and the task difficult. It is a tough job. I suggest we make a change in November to someone more likely to do the job rather than whine about it.

Douglas M. Osborne