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Montana voters have a past and present history of making great congressional choices in names like Mansfield, Burns, Baucus and Tester. The people of Montana know how to vote and can be counted upon to make the right choices again in November.

Senator Tester is an honest and decent man who knows what hard work entails, whether in the Congress or on the farm/ranch, where he has deep roots in Montana. Unlike many candidates for political office, he focuses on real issues. He votes according to his conscience as to what is best for the people and the causes which he represents. As an elected official that is his responsibility and part of the job which he takes very seriously.

Sen. Tester has proven his dedication by always making the best decisions for our citizens and our great state. Included in his accomplishments are the markedly improved services for the veterans and his role in the updated banking regulations that benefit even the small banks in our state while at the same time benefiting state businesses. His concern for the environment in the Big Sky State is genuine, and he understands the implications, both pro and con, on this issue.

Senior citizens, less fortunate or marginalized people that are often overlooked are taken into consideration when decisions have to be made. Unlike his opposition, he rejects the idea of higher health insurance premiums and a return to the pre-existing clause when applying for coverage in Montana.

Kudos to Sen. Tester for taking the criticism he received recently when a candidate for heading up the VA was rejected by both Republican and Democratic senators. This was a case in which vetting was inadequate and that action was necessary. Selection of the right person for that important position was of the utmost importance.

We have friends and family of both political parties. At least sensible discussions can take place when people work together. Sometimes. we agree to disagree and just need to move on until such time that progress might be possible when agreements or compromises are reached collectively.

The voice of Jon Tester continues to be needed in the United States Senate.

Sharon Kennedy McGown


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