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I thank Sen. Jon Tester for remaining accessible to his constituents.

A million people live in Montana, but we’re an enormous state. From the border of Idaho to the border of North Dakota, it’s a 12-hour drive across Montana. This hasn’t stopped Tester from doing everything he can to travel across the state to meet with the Montanans he represents. If you haven’t met him yourself, you almost certainly know someone who has — at a town hall, at an agriculture roundtable, or even at the hardware store. Tester always publishes his schedule online so Montanans know exactly what he’s doing and where they might have a chance to speak with him.

This kind of transparency is par for the course when it comes to Tester. Since the day Tester was first elected, he has fought to make government better and fiscally more responsible. He has passed multiple bills cutting down on government waste and congressional perks and has returned $3 million of taxpayer dollars from his office budget.

Tester holds government accountable. It comes from his farmer’s work ethic. He knows, like many other Montana ranchers and farmers, how to cut down on waste and use only what you need. He has taken those lessons with him to Washington — and our government is better for it.

Dawn Brennan

Columbia Falls