Matt Rosendale is on television stating that Sen. Jon Tester’s efforts to improve health care for veterans, amounts to “little stuff.” This kind of statement could only have been made by someone who is not familiar with the issues facing Montana’s veterans.

I am a Vietnam veteran who went on to serve for 35 years in the U.S. Army, the Montana Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve. I support Tester because he has never stopped fighting for veterans. In the last few years, Tester has passed 10 bills to make fixes at the VA that make health care more accessible for veterans. Included among these are: the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which makes it easier for the VA to fire bad employees, and the VA Mission Act, which eliminates the cumbersome Veterans Choice Program and makes it easier for veterans to get health care from doctors in their communities. These changes are extremely important for Montana’s veterans, and contrary to Rosendale’s statement, Tester’s efforts to improve our access to health care is “big stuff.”

Please cast your vote to re-elect Sen. Jon Tester in November.

C. Milo McLeod


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