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If Trump’s Republican tax cut for the rich, enabling Wall Street banks to enjoy billions in increased profits while the ordinary working Joe gets chump change, isn’t bad enough, the giveaway also means we do not have money for infrastructure repair and construction.

Now we have Trump attacking our Sen. Jon Tester when it is Trump’s fault that his unqualified nominee to head the Veterans Administration withdrew from consideration. Tester had a duty to call bull on Trump's unqualified pick to lead the Veterans Administration. I am fed up with hypocritical Republicans’ unabashed support of their amoral lying leader. We need more Republicans like Vietnam veteran Chuck Hagel, former senator and secretary of defense, who recently said, “What I heard this morning out of the president and others vilifying Tester, it made me sick. Jon Tester is as clear, direct, honest, transparent and pure on veterans’ matters as anyone I’ve ever run into.” Hagel went on to say that the GOP needs to stand up to Trump’s outbursts and, “Say enough is enough.”

Republicans rant that the 20-plus military and medical persons’ complaints about Trump’s nominee were unsubstantiated. Sen. Tester actually did Trump’s nominee a favor. Tester saved him from embarrassing himself before a congressional committee or worse, committing a crime by lying. Sen. Jon Tester is an ally to our veterans, a real person and Montanan. I am a veteran. Jon Tester gets my vote.

Terry Hanson

Miles City