Sen. Jon Tester recently appeared on the local news bashing our President Trump for not doing enough for our veterans suffering of complications from the U.S. use of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used as an herbicide defoliant from 1962 through 1975. Tester's been on the Veterans Affairs Committee since 2007.

In 2014 President Obama acknowledged the corruption and mistreatment of our veterans by the administrators of the VA Facilities. Tester was on that committee that was supposedly protecting our veterans during that time period. Today there is the Eligible Agent Orange Registry for all veterans to use with full range of health benefits for veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Our President Trump fully supports our veterans and our law enforcement people. Today the Inspector General of the Veterans Affairs states there is still corruption and mistreatment of our veterans and who is the senior member on that committee? It's Jon Tester and it's business as usual for him and his peers.

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Richard Deines


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