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Too many politicians these days talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk when they head back to Washington. It’s easy to say something is broken, but much harder to put on your work gloves and find a solution. I want to thank Sen. Jon Tester for working hard to find solutions to an issue very important to many Americans right now: health care.

If anyone was ever in doubt about Tester’s commitment to trying to lower health care costs for folks, they could just look at his record in the Senate. Even under the last administration, he was working hard to hold government accountable and represent Montanans. He co-sponsored bills to help small businesses afford to cover their employees, including one that changed the definition of a small business for health insurance purposes from 50 people to 100 people. This bill passed and helped family businesses reduce costs.

Now, as Republicans are trying to tear down current health care law piece-by-piece, Tester is trying to build on what we have and make it better. Instead of trying to gut our nation’s healthcare system with no replacement, he is supporting a bipartisan bill to stabilize the insurance markets that have been thrown into chaos because of provisions in the recent Republican tax scam. He has held town halls across the state to listen to our opinions about health care. That is how governing should work — and I’m grateful to Tester for always looking out for the best interests of Big Sky Country.

Jenna Seidlitz