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Thank you, Ryan Sullivan, for making snow plowing for residential streets a reality. Eight dollars seems like a very reasonable price to pay for an entire season, even if this storm is the only one this winter — and our driveway was not blocked by snow. We appreciate all you have done in your short term on the council, and we regret that you will be moving.

We sincerely hate to lose someone who actually listened to the citizenry and who voted accordingly, i.e. the proposed casino near the new West End school.

You understand the need for a further-west access to the top of the Rims (using plans from years back that are still viable), and that connecting the inner-city bypass where proposed thereby doubling the traffic on Zimmerman is irresponsible.

You get it — encouraging growth on top of the Rims would require extensive, expensive infrastructure, yet the city of Billings is marching west at a rate that our current infrastructure cannot support.

Perhaps you could offer a short seminar to the current council, as well as the incoming mayor and new council members.

Thanks again for your dedication and your commitment to the citizens of Billings.

Nancy and Ed McGrath


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