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Over the past several years as I have become acquainted with the people who make our city run I have developed a deep appreciation for what they do and the services we as a community, take for granted.

I can’t even begin to understand how many people it takes to ensure that we can drink water right out of our taps (unlike some communities who have lost faith in the integrity of their water system — Flint, Michigan, comes to mind), that we have a safe way to travel by car (and in some cases, by bike or on foot), that snow is removed from our streets, and that all the things in our houses that are unwanted are flushed away or disposed of.

I can’t imagine the innumerable employees, equipment, plans and details, creative problem-solving and responses required day, night and on holidays, that are part of making my life so comfortable. Thank you, Dave Mumford and the entire crew at Billings Public Works, for the work you do behind the scenes.

I know you hear complaints when things don’t work, but I want you to know on behalf of many people in Billings, when we pause to consider the privileges we have and what it takes to have them, your work is recognized and genuinely appreciated.

Kristi Drake


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