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Jan. 11 marked the beginning of a two month-long candidate filing period for the 2018 election cycle. This November, Montanans will need to make some important decisions about who will represent them at every level. It all starts with the candidates who make the huge personal decision to represent their communities.

Montana voters have continued to support Republicans to control the state’s legislature, to be their voice in a capital city with an executive administration dominated by a liberal tax-and-spend way of thinking.

For far too long, policies of over-regulation and over taxation by the Obama and Bullock administrations have been a negative drain on Montana’s economy. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The status quo is changing at the national level, bringing renewed optimism across the country and here in Montana. Small businesses and employers feel that they can now invest in infrastructure and employees without fear of constant, crippling regulations. Nationally, small business confidence is at a record high. This optimism can be largely attributed to pro-business policies of a Republican White House and a Republican Congress working together.

Republicans across Montana in 2018 will continue to run on ideas that promote business growth, job creation, and support individual freedoms. A Republican controlled Legislature is a crucial check on the tax-and-spend policies in Helena.

Rep. Nancy Ballance, Rep. Dan Bartel, Sen. Mark Blasdel, Rep. Alan Doane, Rep. Greg Hertz, Sen. Steve Hinebauch, Rep. Forrest Mandeville, Rep. Mark Noland, Sen. Ryan Osmundson, Sen. Cary Smith, Sen. Fred Thomas and Sen. Gordy Vance ask for your vote and continued support for Republican candidates across Montana.

Greg Hertz

House District 12


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